Wanted It All!

Henry got changed to Hannah Whore after a wish he made to become just that, a whore. As a part of his wish, he wished that when he was changed, he would be triple penetrated from the start with three clients, two in his new vagina, and one in his new butthole. The genie warned him that this might be rough for him as his new body wouldn’t be broken in yet for that. He shook his head, lustfully, wanting to start out a whore being rammed by three guys. He said if was doing this, he wanted to start off the deep end!

His wish was granted, and suddenly he was doggy style on a bed with two guys pumping into his new pussy, and one in his new ass! As Hannah Whore, he felt a mix of pain and pleasure, but mostly pain! The genie was right, his body wasn’t broken in yet! The guys were getting great pleasure from this nice tight whore, but Henry as Hannah was overwhelmed to say the least, not to mention, SHE couldn’t believe how big the genie made her new tits, they dangle liked udders off her chest as she was rocked from behind by three well hung clients! The pain was getting to be too much to bear, and she was about the scream, when the guys said they were ready!

They all pulled out and shot their loads on Hannah’s new makeup covered face at massive breasts! That part actually felt good for her and she shuddered in multi orgasmic bliss!

“Oh boys that was a little rough on entry, but what a launch of your naughty seed on me, way to go boys,” said the new whore relieved and well off after the pain subsided and the pleasure kicked in.

“Um so tasty, so salty,” said the new woman slurping it up with her hands, noticing her new 1 inch pink fingernails.

Hannah had another orgasm just from tasting these men’s hot seed in her mouth. She was a real whore for sure, and she loved it a lot! They guys dropped no less than $1000 on the side table in the hotel room, and left, well satisfied. Hannah counted the money with her new dainty hands and rubbed her new pussy with a $100 bill as she looked at herself in the mirror smiling and winking.


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