You Can’t Deny Your Feelings

Glen and Jerry couldn’t believe their two buddies Tim and Lance turned them into pretty chicks in dresses and heels right there at Tim’s birthday party! Tim and Lance had a dry spell on women, and knowing their buddies would make the perfect mates if they were chicks was only a small technicality for the new magic user. He casted a spell at the party, and voom! Two hot chicks stood their with their tiny new feet perched up in heels looking all pretty.

Before Glen and Jerry could react however, their new urges kicked in, and suddenly they had strong attraction to Tim and Lance! They soon were smiling, staring at the two buddies who were still men, unlike them now. Tim just smiled at Lance, and started calling them Glenda and Jessica!

The two new women didn’t seem to mind, dropped to their smooth soft knees and began to unzip their buddies ready to suck them dry, as said by Glenda in her new sexy voice, with Jessica giggling and licking her lips in anticipation of man meat!


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