My New Kink / Come Inside

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. When the swap first happened, I was resistant. I tried to continue being the male I was before. But then, something took over me. I needed to have boys inside of me. It made me feel good. Full. Complete.
But the only way I could get off was if their wives caught me. I arranged it so that always happened.
What made me cum the most was when the man’s wife walked in just as I confessed to him that I used to be a boy. Most men came really hard when I told them.
Most of them ended up leaving their wives.
Even though they already know the truth, they still ask me to whisper that secret to them.
I can help you get off too. Just watch the door for your wife… there she is.
Listen… before the great shift, I used to be a boy. Now I am your girl. Come inside…


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