Visiting friends

“What was that?” Henry asked his wife.
“What do you mean?” Melanie said
“I mean you and Kevin. You two were sneaking together to the kitchen and chated behind my back. If i didn’t knew you so well i would tought you two have an affair”.
“I would never!” Melanie tried to defend herself
“I know babe. But i was getting a litle jealous that you focused more on Kevin than me” Henry said
“I just wanted to know him better, since we never talked to much” Melanie explained “You know you’re the only man in my life” she smiled
Henry approached his wife and embraced her. “You will have to reward me for that at home” He said unawere that his wife Melanie was really Kevin.

The day was suposed to be like any other saturday. Kevin and his wife were expecting guests, her friend Melanie and her husband Henry. But when Kevin woke up in the morning instead of his wife he saw Henry laying next to him. Worse he was now in Melanie’s body. Kevin tried to stay calm and to pretend to be Melanie until they get to his house. He was able to fool Henry into believing he is really his wife and did a pretty good job with dressing himself for their meeting.
When they finally got there Kevin confirmed his suspicions, Melanie was in his body and she didn’t knew how this happened. Melanie and Kevin used every occasion to sneak away and discus every idea on how to swap back. It was hard not to rise any suspicions and pretend to be eachother but somehow they were able to hide their secret from their fiancées, although both were courious why they suddenly decided to become friends.
Time was running and both of them still didn’t have any idea on how to swap back or how it even happened. When they were leaving Kevin was still in Melanie’s body. He was getting worried if he could be his old self again but now he had to focus on impersonating Melanie. He just hoped that Henry won’t get any wierd ideas when they get back home.


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