Vegan – not in every way

“Ok, my ex might be a witch, and she might have changed me into that tiny brunette with big tits for cheating on her. But I don’t believe her dumb talk about how I will adapt to the new body. I want to keep my personality! And she can’t do anything about it.” the former Neil said.

“Are you sure Neil?” his best friend asked. “I mean you can’t even say anymore that your name was Neil, and she made sure you get her name to be constantly reminded of her.”

“You are right. I maybe can’t say anymore that my real name is Jessica … fuck … but well, I’m still me inside. Easy as that. I can adapt to being recognized as a girl, wearing clothes that show cleavage and such. I also still like women and like the view that I have right in front of me.”

Little did the new Jessica know that she was now bisexual. And also many other things were changed in her mind that she didn’t know yet.

“For example. I’m hungry now and my witchy ex said that I’d be a vegan. I’d be everything cliché about a woman and would have traits that I always hated on women. Then I shouldn’t be able to eat that delicious thing here in my hand.”

Just a few seconds after Jessica bite into the burger her eyes went wide and she spit out everything she had in her mouth. Her friend next to her wasn’t as surprised but tried to comfort her. “I guess she was right” he said.

Still in shock Jessica remembered her ex’s words: “You’ll hate normal meat in your mouth as a hardcore vegetarian, but you love having it filled with cock.”


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