Mark was pleased as he heard Wendy moan as he fucked her ass. Of course it wasn’t really Wendy in there, but he was glad to know Joe in there was enjoying it anyways.There were perks to dating a witch. She’d made Mark’s cock bigger and given him more stamina which made their sex pretty awesome. Having grown up as a single child with rich parents, Mark was kind of used to getting spoiled like that. Of course, sometimes it got weird. Wendy had been getting really stressed at work and one day she came home with her coworker, Joe. Mark had never trusted Joe. He seemed like just the kind of guy to befriend another man’s girlfriend and try and steal her from him by being all sweet and nice.When Joe admitted that he was actually Wendy, and that she’d swapped bodies with Joe so she could use his vacation to get a break, it took some time to settle in for Mark that the sexy girl he was so used to seeing now housed the mind of a man. Apparently Joe had a lot of debt and really needed the money. Not only would he be getting Wendy’s pay checks while he was her and she was on vacation, Wendy had also agreed to pay him $10,000 for those two weeks. With a wave goodbye, Wendy left in Joe’s body and said she was going to the beach.Mark was pretty upset at first. That he was going to be denied fucking Wendy for two weeks was totally lame. Out of desperation to get off after just a couple days, Mark asked Joe in Wendy’s body if they could fuck. Joe blushed and said no. Then Mark offered him money. Joe was reluctant to say no to that and so Mark offered him $100 for a fuck, promising Joe that Wendy always liked his cock. Joe agreed and they fucked.Mark realized this was the perfect system for him. His trust fund was pretty big so it wouldn’t miss a few thousand dollars blown on sex. It would almost be like his own vacation, just like Wendy was on. Only instead of resting paying money for to not work and lounge on a beach by some hotel, he was paying money so he could get laid without having to do any of the other parts of being in a relationship. He was having more sex than him and Wendy ever had. Anytime he got horny he’d throw a $100 bill at Joe and he’d spread Wendy’s legs. Mark didn’t know if it was an act or not, but Joe seemed to enjoy getting fucked.Then he realized he could get Joe to do things with Wendy’s body that Wendy never did. He’d pay Joe to suck him off while he watched a basketball came, cum all over Joe’s face, then have Joe sit there without cleaning up until the game was over. He got off on what he could make Wendy’s body do now with a little bit of money. That was how he decided to off Joe $500 to fuck Wendy’s ass, something she’d never even let Mark joke about.Of course what Mark never bothered to think about was that all that rough sex left marks. When Wendy got back into her body she immediately knew what Joe and Mark had been doing. Her sore pussy, her stretched out asshole, her bruised tits, the taste of cum in her mouth like she’d swallowed a hundred loads of cum… It was pretty obvious to her.And of course, Mark also didn’t think about what would happen when he pissed off a witch.Wendy sure hoped the frat house at the University on the far side of town enjoyed their new sex doll. Mark would get all the sex he wanted now.And Joe, well Joe had acted like a whore. Wendy was so disappointed in him, he seemed like such a nice guy. But if he wanted to be a whore, well, he was going to enjoy the big tits and horny snatch she gave his new petite girl’s body.


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