I might just stay

Oh, I’m soooo glad I discovered I’ve got bodyhopping abilites. This new neighbour of mine, she’s really hot so I decided to see her body without asking her out and going through all that crap. Let me just take off this bra– Oh! My! God! These babies are perfect! I just wannna squeeze them and– what about my pussy? Let’s see here… Holy shit! I’d fuck her brains out if she’d let me. And let’s see this ass, mmmmm, yeah…. Maybe I should go back to my house with her body and fuck my unconscious body. I’m not sure I’ll even dress up to the part, I’m just gonna— Honey, I’m home! Are you ready for the birthday present you promised me?! -Oh shit, who’s that?! I didn’t know this girl had a husband or a boyfriend… But on the other hand, who wouldn’t want to claim this pieace of ass for himself… Actually, I think I’m gonna see how long my husband’s cock is, then I’m going to decide if I’m going to come back to my place. If his cock is bigger, I might just stay.


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