Unexpected guinea pigs.

Scott was working for a small government research facility that was working on modifier genes (making designer babies).

The main research was altering genetic traits hair and eye colour and gender of the unborn foetus.

There research wasn’t quite at the human testing stage yet when a massive explosion in storage tanks 17 caused a dangerous leak of chemicals.

That vaporized into a noxious and deadly fog the minute they came into contact with air and had dreadful consequences for anybody who came in contact with it.

Due to the explosion and the fire Scott and Sandra was trapped on level six.

On one hand the fire was keeping the fog from expanding as it consumed all the air but on the other hand it left Scott and his research assistant Sandra trapped in a small exam room.

They were both affected by the chemical release which entered their lungs and started modifying their DNA.

They were both turned into the opposite gender and with an uncontrollable urge to mate.

they did not stop to panic and scream about what had just happened to them they just ripped off their clothes and went at it like too wild animals.

Scott was loving being taken from behind by a strong well built man who was pounding away at his new soft wet vagina.

It felt like the most natural thing to do in the world and Sandra for the first time in her life understood why men found sex so enjoyable as she rammed her new hard cock deep into the sopping wet pussy in front of her repeatedly.

Both of them were no longer concerned about the fire raging outside or the deadly release of chemicals as all they could think about was screwing one another and that’s how rescuers found them 1 hour later still screwing one and other and apart from the slight side effect of nymphomania it proved their research was going in the right direction but they no longer cared about that as there was only one thing that was important.


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