Understanding each other.

Jack sat there on the couch still trapped in his girlfriend’s body drinking a glass of Scotch and watching the football trying to ignore the fact that he was wearing a corset and a pair of his own boxer shorts after a day of dress-up.

His girlfriend thought it would help him get in touch with his feminine side and to understand the female gender better.

But she was really disappointed when all he did was dress in her sexy underwear and play with her tits.

She told him until he made more of an effort he would be trapped in her body and life until he could understand what she was trying to teach him.

And not to worry about her as it did not bother her how long it took as she was enjoying being a man.

But she did expect him to do everything she did for him whilst he was her which meant he had a fulfill her womanly duties in the sack which was something he was not looking forward to as he heard his own voice shout from upstairs are you coming to join me babe as I’m already hard.

Which sent shivers down his spine as he downed the last of his whiskey and switched off the TV as he shouted I am coming honey not feeling one bit in the mood for what she had in mind and wondered if he could use the universal woman’s excuse
of having a headache.


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