Ummmm, Hi…

Bryan was beyond excited, his body suit had finally arrived!

Bryan had a thing for Asian chicks, and when he ordered the body suit, he custom designed it to be his ideal woman. Large round breasts, full kissable lips, and perfect figure. After weeks of waiting it finally arrived.

Bryan had to stop himself from shaking as he opened the box. Inside there was a few sets of woman’s clothes and what looked like a deflated human body. Bryan knew the magic of these body suits, his hand tingling as he felt it.

Bryan already had a vacation booked for the weekend to try out the suit, but he simply could not wait till then. He stripped naked and pulled the suit from the box, licking his lips in anticipation. It was surprising he thought how easily the material stretched as he stepped into the suit and began pulling it up his bulky legs. The suit did its magic immediately as he noticed his feet were now dainty and his legs were long and smooth. He pulled it up past his hips and had to gasp as his new female sex morphed into place. Bryan took a moment to look in the mirror and laugh. There he was, top half bulky hairy male, the bottom half a perfect vision of beauty. He pulled the rest of the suit on watching in amazement as each limb became his ideal female form. When the head piece was put in place he swooned and moaned loudly in his new feminine voice. His body was rocked with a wave of pleasure as his new nerves came alive.

Bryan was overwhelmed with sensation, touching and caressing his new flesh. A heat was building in his pussy and nipples stood hard and proud on his chest. “I’m so happy I paid extra for the enhanced pleasure nodes.” He thought as he cupped his full breasts. He rolled his nipple between his thumb and finger and gasped girlishly. He had to lean against the table as legs had become weak with pleasure. “Mmmmm.” Bryan moaned “Maybe those enhanced pleasure nodes are a little too sensitive.” He thought.

Suddenly his roommate opened the door and dropped his bags in shock, unable to tear his eyes from Bryan’s luscious form. “Oh shit!” Bryan thought. His roommate wasn’t suppose to be home for hours!

“Ummmm, hi…” Bryan said meekly. Hearing his sweet voice and Japanese accent for the first time.


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