Trying to convince him

Tom had been playing online for hours nonstop. His girlfriend Emily was getting tired by the fact that he would rather play games and spend time with her. So she put a curse on him, everytime he would rather play videogames instead of going out with her, he would lose part of his manhood, and gain some femininity.

Emily expected him to run to her for help the moment he started to gain breasts. But that didn’t happen. He found the changes amusing. After two days Tom had already grown breasts, long blond hair, became thin with an hourshaped body, and his face became cute and feminine. If all, his girlfriend was a bit jealous of how he was turning out to be. Tom continued playing, not only because he loved playing videogames, but because he knew that in a couple of hours the rest of his manhood, meaning his cock and balls would finally reside into a pussy.

Tom changed his name to Tori. And to Emily’s surprise, Tori’s transformation didn’t stop her love for videogames. She still loves playing online and teasing guys at being beaten by a girl. She loves seeing her naked breasts all the time, so she usually spends her time at home topless. As expected, Tori and Emily broke up, and althought they swore to remain friends, they haven’t seen each other for months.

Tori has no intention on dating, at least not yet. Although she loves to go to conventions and cosplay.


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