Try Before You Buy

Spells R’ Us recently started producing their own line of sex-toys. They promised to change human sexuality as the world knew it. Their most popular feature was their “Play Before You Pay” promotion. The idea was to ensure that the consumer was getting exactly what they wanted through first-hand experience.

Here we have Daniel trying to decide between which vibrator to buy for his girlfriend. He selected two of the most cleverly named dildos and which female sales associate would be helping. He then went back to the fitting rooms. Upon entering his respective room he saw the pink haired associate he had chosen through a two-way mirror. She was laying on a bed wearing only a bra and her uniform hat, two vibrators patiently waiting next to her. She gently rubbed her naked sex with her eyes closed and a customer-friendly smile on her face.

A fairly large green button instructed Daniel to press it when he was ready to begin his fitting. He did as the button said and his fitting began. The already aroused female body Daniel now possessed was the perfect candidate to choose the right dildo. He grabbed the blue one first and plunged it into his borrowed pussy. After turning it on to full power his entire body was rocked by an orgasm he would never forget.

He thought there would be no way his other selection could compare; after all it was only designed for clitoral stimulation.

Daniel became a very well informed consumer that day.


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