Trying the new suit on

“Andrew, you really look like a woman” Tom told his best friend. He crossed his legs, and smiled while looking at Tom. “I don’t look like woman. I am a woman” Andrew said. “And please, call me Audrey… By the way these are as real as they get” Audrey said while pointing at her breasts. “But how is that possible?” Tom asked. “Bodysuits love” Audrey said mockinly. “So, it is only a suit? you are inside of it?” Tom questioned her. “No, well, yes… for a few more minutes. As we speak, I can feel the suit merging with my own body. I don’t even feel my cock anymore” Audrey said.

“But why? why would you turn yourself into a woman?” Tom said. “Why wouldn’t I? It feels so great” she said, “Plus, I really feel like having sex with you”. Tom got a bonner from just talking to Audrey. “And I can see you want to have sex with me too.” she said. “It would be weird. You are my best friend” Tom said. “I was your best friend. But I can be your girlfriend and lover if you let me” Audrey said as she walked sexily towards Tom. She kissed him on the lips, biting him a little, while grabbing his bonner. “Come on, you know you want it” Audrey said. She was right. They had sex all night long. Audrey really knew how to please a man, and Tom enjoyed the hell out of it.


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