The choice is yours

Well dad, stop giving me that look. I’m still your son here, it just so happens that I’m also your girlfriend now. Don’t blame me, after all it was your idea to test your body swapping machine on us. You swapped us so you could study the effects of a body swap between a teenage boy and an adult woman. Of course you couldn’t predict that we will end up liking our new bodies, no one could predict it, neither us. Sure at first I hated it and I hated you for doing this to me. Alison felt the same and she was planing to dump you after we swap back. However something had changed. I don’t know, maybe you can find a word to describe it but the more time I’ve spend in this body the more familiar it was becoming. It’s a feeling like this body is rightfully mine. It feels natural to be called Alison and having a female body. It sounds crazy to think that I like Alison’s body and life more than my own, who would have expected it right? But here I am, the new Alison and you’d better get used to this idea since I’m not going back to be a teenage boy. Don’t worry, I’m willing to continue her life so if you can get over the fact that it’s me in this body then we can keep dating eachother just like you did with Alison before the swap. If not, well then I guess I will have to find another boyfriend. I’m fine with both options so the choice is yours.


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