Truth Serum

“You look stunning in that dress, Katrina.” He looked at me coyly.

“Th… Thank you, Ronnie.” The girl smiled, not quite looking at him directly.

He was an undercover agent. A man, actually. Michael was tasked with infiltrating Ron’s hideout where he had supposedly been trafficking women. Good women, too. The agency thought they would have a better chance if they sent a man in disguise instead of a woman to discover as many details as they could to expose the whole operation. Using the latest secret government technology, he was transformed into a complete woman, given an alias, and set out to figure this guy out before he could turn back.

“Here, let’s toast to a beautiful new partnership.” Ron raised his glass, and Mike hesitatingly raised his. They both drank, and Ron smiled.

“I want you to stay seated until I tell you otherwise.” That was a weird statement, but Mike thought nothing of it.

“What’s your name?”

Why is he asking me that? He already knows my alias name Katrina really well by now! “My name is actually Michael.” Wait, why did I say that! WHY DID I SAY THAT?!

Ron looked intrigued. “Fascinating. That’s no name for a woman, why is that so? Tell me the whole story.”

“I am undercover, investigating you so that I can expose your operation. The government turned me into a girl so that I wasn’t under the same risks as whatever you did to those other women.” He shook his head, why is this happening? “Did you drug me?!”

“Yes. You just drank truth serum, and not just any kind of truth serum, but one with incredibly suggestive properties. I bet you couldn’t stand up now even if you wanted to, Michael.”

He froze, he just… couldn’t stand up. Is it because Ron told him he couldn’t? He started freaking out, he was scared of what was happening.

“Let me go! Let me go!! You can’t do this to me!”

“I thought something was off about you, how interesting. Please relax, you are going to be fine. Everything will be alright in the end.”

Michael exhaled deeply. He knew he was going to work this out in the end, as he always had. Still, he was unsettled by this ‘truth serum’ as Ron had called it. Why couldn’t he move from this spot? Was Ron able to manipulate him further?

“I’d like to play a game, one where you have to do everything I say.” Ron hasn’t broken his smile yet. He looked around and found lipstick on the desk next to him. He offered it to Michael.

“Can you put this on?”

Mike looked at it, then back at Ron. “I… don’t know how.”

“They transform you into a woman but don’t teach you how to put on lipstick? How about this… You will put this on like you’ve known how to do it your whole life. Draw from all the experiences you’ve had watching women apply it.”

Mike grabbed the lipstick, found a hand mirror within arms reach, and swiftly applied it to his lips with uncanny grace. He looked at Ron. “Are you happy now?”

Ron laughed. “That was much better than I expected! It really suits you.” Mike blushed, grimaced, and looked at his reflection. Maybe it didn’t look so bad after all.

“Your favorite color is pink now, by the way. Also, you love that dress you are wearing. What else should I change?”

Mike could only stare at his captor with disdain as he continued to mess with his mind. So what if he liked pink, and after all, he had picked this dress out himself. He thought it would help him blend in a bit more. “You won’t get away with this, Ron. We will stop you.”

“I doubt it, ‘Mike.’ After tonight, we will be long gone from here, and I doubt they’ll ever be able to find us.”


“You’re coming with me. In fact, I want you to forget what your mission was in the first place. Even better, forget who you were working for.”

Mike was distraught. He definitely heard those last words spoken by Ron but he couldn’t figure out what they meant. Working for who? Mission? He couldn’t sort it out.

“You need to stop changing me! I don’t want this anymore, I’m a man!” He started to panic again.

“No, you’re not.” Ron replied tersely.

She was confused. Why isn’t anything making sense? Where is this man taking me, and why did I just insist I was a man? Maybe I was one… after all, my name is Mi–

“Your name is Michelle, my dear. You are just confused. You had a very long day, and the emotional stress of your encounter with those men has left you with some amnesia, I’m afraid. But you can trust me, Michelle, I will protect you.”

Ronnie was right, Michelle thought to herself. I just need to relax and let him take me somewhere safe.

“But… how can I ever repay you?”

“I’ll let you decide what’s best, my love. You are free to stand and do as you please.” Ron smiled at the beautiful girl that sat before him, as she slowly rose and approached him gingerly, with the fire of passion in her eyes.


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