Trophies and babies

Paolo Cavalieri could only watch, helpless and naked, as his trophy wife Inez drove off in his Porsche and his body to sell the whole company to his archenemy Juan Carlos. He pressed his delicate hands against the window and would’ve leaned forward for a closer look, but then his breasts (!) would’ve touched the cold glass.

Was he now stuck as Inez? Would she ever come back so that he could beg her to return his body? So many questions swirled around his brain, but many new sensations also overwhelmed him, like the tight stockings gripping his legs, the tousled silken hair tickling his left nipple, and the empty gash between his legs feeling warm and moist and…leaking milky white seed?!

Paolo would discover the whole truth only later: that Inez had conspired with that son of a bruja Juan Carlos to escape her trophy wife life, and she’d been promised riches and power in exchange for selling the company. A simple bodyswap potion had knocked out Paolo and allowed Inez to experience the power of the male sex, a power that was now all hers. “Well Paolo, I mean INEZ,” she had whispered to his sleeping form, “you’d wanted me for my body, and now it’s yours. And as for you, you are mine!”

Later that evening, tipsy and content, the new Paolo parked his Porsche back at the mansion and looked up to see his luscious vixen Inez watching anxiously. He had mega-millions in the bank and an obedient wife who would soon bear him beautiful children. Who needed a company to run? He preferred trophies and babies.


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