Molly’s Extremely Surprising Mornings Part 2

I woke up, my girlfriend still in the bed asleep next to me. Without opening my eyes, I reached over to put my hand on one of her tits and felt…
Oh no, did Andi come in here while we were asleep?! The feeling of my hand on her chest must have woken Dee up, because her eyelids fluttered open and she propped herself up against the headboard.
“Good morning,” she said. I just stared at her chest. I couldn’t even call them boobs any more. Breasts even seemed like too much.
Following my gaze, she made the discovery for herself. Jumping up and grabbing at her mosquito bites, she looked sadly up at me. “What happened?” she said confused. “Where did my boobs go?”
“I don’t know,” I said sadly. My chest was still as flat and manly as it was the night before, so I know I didn’t take them. I threw the covers off myself, ready to get up and go check on Andi when I saw Dee’s eyes go wide. I followed her gaze this time, and was met with a big surprise. A big surprise that told me where the mass of her tits had gone:
My penis. The night before I had been a comfortable six inches, but now I had to be at least sixTEEN!
“You took my tits so you could have a bigger dick?!” my girlfriend shouted at me. I looked at her desperately, and managed to explain everything to her before she got too angry. The magic Andi used to absorb and unbirth me must have affected me as well.
“Do you think I want to be stuck with this thing?” I said gesturing to my new member.
“No, I guess not,” she said with some level of understanding. “But still, it looks like we might be able to have some…fun with it.” She smiled at me, and crawled closer to me…


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