Too much

My girlfriend always had the most amazing orgasms during sex. I loved watching her quiver and hearing her squeal as I fucked her. She on the other hand, insisted it was too much. She complained that afterwards her legs would feel all wobbly for hours and it wasn’t worth it. She proposed only having sex before bed, “like normal people”.

I was a guy with a healthy libido, and as far as I could tell, her libido was pretty healthy too. Two days after her rule change we were watching TV together when I leaned in and started kissing her. She complained a little at first, but her passion was soon as strong as my own.

We’d both stripped and I was about to penetrate her when she seemed to snap out of it. “No! You deal with it!” She shouted and pointed at me. The world seemed to spin and suddenly I was looking at myself. I looked down, I had become her!

“What, how?” I asked, flabbergasted and a more than a little aroused.

“Neat trick right? I’m a witch babe. Why do you think I have those dynamite orgasms?” She said to me from my body.

“But- what?” I asked, confused.

“You always liked watching me orgasm, now you can enjoy it and the after effects.” She said and laid back, “Climb on!” She said and pointed to my- her erect cock.

My-Her body felt electric. My pussy was sending powerful signals that it wanted that cock.

I climbed on top of him and he slid into me. I gasped and moaned as he did. I sounded just like her. Then he reached his hand around and rubbed my clit.

“AHHH!” I cried out as my entire body convulsed. My legs twitched and felt weak as a truly unholy pleasure washed through me. I gasped for breath and it was all I could do to hold myself upright.

“I never could undo that “Ultimate Orgasm” spell. Don’t worry, I’m 99% sure I can switch us back… after you finish fucking me.” She said and started thrusting into me. It felt so good it hurt. I moaned and came again, my whole body starting to feel like jello. It was so good.

She never could undo the spell, and I was stuck as her. She was relieved, glad she could just cum and be done with it. She took over my old job and I quit hers. I can’t help it. My new boyfriend loves fucking me until I can’t walk.


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