High school had been a living hell for James. Growing up in a Midwest, rural town was no place for a timidly gay teenager like himself. To make matters worse, in his senior year his big secret crush on the studly varsity quarterback, Michael, was let known to the whole school. Michael made his life especially miserable, having to protect his own reputation by vehemently mocking James every time he saw him.

After graduating, James moved away and got his hands on a transformation device. Instead of continuing to live as a gay man, he decided he would be happier as a sexy woman. His boyish brown hair was lost for an eye-grabbing silky blonde, and his geeky stubbled face was replaced with the sexually prime features of a 19-year-old girl on the brink of losing her innocence — a face that combined that of a youthful sex symbol and an innocently cute flirt. He adopted the name Jennifer and loved going to the beach in his new coastal town to flaunt his perky, bouncy boobs beneath a skimpy bikini. Unlike highschool, the eyes of every guy followed with everywhere, he could feel their gaze hooked on his plump ass as he walked away and embarrassingly unable to keep their eyes above her neckline when asking her out.

One particularly sunny day, Jennifer saw an familiar face staring at him with a slack jaw, that universal sign of male arousal. It was Michael. Jennifer smirked and strolled over to him, swaying his hips seductively. She could already see the erection in Michael’s tight shorts. Without hesitation, she pulled back her bikini and showed him one of her perfectly hanging breasts.

“Hey stud, you want some of this?” she said in the siren voice of absolute seduction. Michael was speechless, his gaze fixed on Jennifer’s freshly hardening nipples.

That night was the night that Jennifer has been waiting for – the night of vengeance for his former life as James. He gave Michael everything he could have wanted. They entered that motel room and she stripped of his clothes, grabbing his hardened cock, stroking it between passionate kisses, before enclosing his lips around it and sucking it until Michael was moaning. She got on top of him and rode him with every part of her body moving in a display of pure eroticism. Up and down, she pulled off of Michael’s cock, faster and faster, her breasts bouncing, her ass coming down hard on his tensed thighs, her hand tossing her hair into a sexy mess, her mouth moaning his name.

But right before he came, she pulled out and got off the bed.
“Hey, Jennifer what’s wrong? Why did you stop?” he said, almost whimpered. He was sweating from past hour that Jennifer had spent keeping him just on the brink of cumming and his eyes were wild in horny anticipation.

“Oh, that’s as far as you’re getting Michael,” Jennifer said, just as seductive even though now she wasn’t even trying, “And you might want to know that we’ve met before.”

A puzzled look crossed his face as she pulled out the transformation device from her bag.

“It’s me….James. You just fucked the newly improved version of that poor guy in high school that you tormented. He didn’t deserve it….and you didn’t deserve him, or me,” Jennifer proclaimed looking at the stunned face of Michael, her naked female body holding all the power in the room.

“You might not have been able to cum tonight but that’s the closest you’ll even get again to cumming again as a man.” Jennifer pressed a few buttons on the transformation device and smiled as a panicking Michael watching as his hard cock soften and disappear, his broad shoulders narrowed as his once muscled torso vanished and was replaced by a set of breasts smaller than Jennifer’s. He stood up and screamed in a feminine cry looking down on his naked female body, not nearly as sexy as the one standing before him.

“Have as good life, Michael,” Jennifer mocked as she left the motel room, her seductive hips swaying as she left.


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