To Declare She’s Lindsey Sinclair

As Mural Sinclair got out of the taxi in the city, he looked down at his new body pleased. The taxi driver heard his concerns in life, and how he longed to be a woman and was on his way to the city zoo as he loved animals. Mural looked down at his new body, even wearing a cute leopard tee, and smiled.

Mural shouted, “Thank you taxi driver! Now everyone can call me Lindsey Sinclair from now on, woohoo!”

The new Lindsey did a little dance on the sidewalk then strutted her stuff as she headed for the zoo, and immediately got a discount, as the zoo ticket keeper loved to see such a hot young lady come to the zoo. Lindsey noticed she was feeling wonderful and having the time of her new life, but not only was noticing the animals, but some of the guys at the zoo as well. Perhaps on her way out she would ask that cute ticket keeper out for dinner.


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