Time to Make the “Breast” of It

Ken leaned back away from his girlfriend Leona, after the gender flu virus that had been spreading took hold of him unsuspectingly. His instant changes had him no longer thinking of kissing his girlfriend, but exploring his new body, especially his new pert breasts.

Leona was stunned and disappointed, her boyfriend was now a woman, and she was not into chicks at all, and she knew the gender flu virus was incurable.

Ken’s first words as a woman were, “So this his how they feel to have them. How do you chicks keep from feeling yourselves up all day, these feel amazing. So soft, so sensual. So weird feeling, but yet amazing as well.”

“You just were changed into a woman, and can no longer perform as my boyfriend, and all you can do is comment about your new boobs? Yes they are nice to have, but I don’t feel them up all the time. They are new to you, that’s why you are that way. Ugh time to get you a bra I suppose, if I have one that fits those things,” said Leona.

Leona would help out the new Ken at first, but would later have to break the news that they were no longer a couple, but they could be friends. If Ken were a man and heard that, he wouldn’t have believed they would remain friends, but as a woman, it was entirely possible, and in fact, together later, they would go out to both find men, as Ken’s new desires were similar to Leona’s only a bit stronger due to the virus.


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