Three Chances – Third

“Last chance…” I said, scrolling once again through the pictures. Ah, there: number 1423. I could barely see her chest, but I could tell she had a nice pair of boobs hidden under her modest black top. I clicked the image, and suddenly felt much heavier than I had expected.
I tried to stand up to look in the mirror again, but when I tried I felt something bump against my desk and put me back in my chair. I turned to the side of my chair, and was able to stand up that way. The huge weight on my front almost threw me off balance, but I managed to straighten myself and walk over to the mirror.
Everything seemed normal from the front, but when I turned to the side I realized the cause of my difficulties:
I was pregnant. I turned back to the computer, but the website was gone. This was my body now. If that was the case though, I guess I should get a good look at it…
I pulled off my loose-fitting top, revealing the top half of my huge belly, the bottom half being tucked into my…maternity pants. Those were the next to go.
Next, the bra. I unhooked it, and let my tits fall out. They were heavy and full, but at least they were still perky. I hefted one and squeezed it. A small bead of milk came out, and I decided that was enough boob-play for now.
Removing my panties I stood there naked, my huge belly sticking out of the front of my torso. “I am pretty sexy,” I thought, trying to ignore my belly. It was getting late, so I walked awkwardly over to my bed, still nude, and laid down, my huge belly off to one side, my hands rubbing it up and down.
“I shouldn’t have tried to beat the game…” I thought as I slowly drifted off to sleep, and in doing so accepting my new life…


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