Three Chances – Second

“Maybe I should go for a body that’s a bit…smaller,” I said feeling the slightly uncomfortable weight of my tits on my chest. Hm, 0073 seems to have a normal-sized pair of boobs. I clicked the image, and instantly felt lighter. I was wearing clothes again, which I got up and admired in the mirror. “I can’t wait to see what secrets this pink top is hiding…” I said as I started to remove my leggings and denim skirt, revealing my panties beneath.
Then I pulled the top off over my head, and was shocked when I could see myself again.
“Oh no!” I shouted. This body had no boobs at all! I quickly removed my bra, and it was completely true. “No,” I said. “This girl may be sexy, but I want tits!” Without even thinking I went back to the computer, to select another body…


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