Three Chances – First

“The Bodyswap-Lottery,” I read off the top of the page. I had thought about participating for a while now, but I didn’t want to have some random body, so I held back. That is until I found a way to rig the system, and give myself a body of my own choosing, as well as three chances to pick before I was locked into one.
I scrolled through the girls, looking for just the body I wanted. I had always been a boob man, so just seeing their heads and chests in the thumbnails was enough for me to decide. It didn’t take long: I saw the image for number 7690, and clicked.
I instantly felt curvier; more feminine. I felt heavy weights on my chest, barely supported by the large cupped bra. This felt pretty good: I might not even need the other two chances!
Slowly I started taking off my clothes. First my top, revealing my bra-clad tits, and slightly chubby belly. I hadn’t been expecting that, but I could live with it. A little bit of belly can be sexy, and this one definitely was.
Next the pants, revealing my matching panties riding up my ass. Definitely something I could live with, I thought slapping it playfully. Then I slid my panties down, and all that was left was the bra.
“My favorite part…” I said, slightly surprised by my new voice.
I unhooked the clasp, and shrugged the straps off my shoulders, my hands still holding the cups to my breast. I closed my eyes, and let go, feeling them flop down. I opened my eyes, and looked into the mirror.
“What…?” I said, looking at my new boobs. My left was clearly larger than my right. “It’s not that these are bad,” I said, playing with my assets. “They’re fantastic. I was just hoping for something more…even…” I went back to the computer, still nude, and searched through the pictures again…

*Inspired by this fun interactive cap by Martha:


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