This was my life now.

Jack walked into the living room with hands in the air annoyed and pissed off with his wife.

She swapped their bodies when she found out she was pregnant with the aid of some weird magic handed down throughout her family and promised him that she would swap them back the minute the baby was born.

He hated being in his wife’s body he hated the nine months of pregnancy he hated all the physical and emotional changes he went through and he especially did not want to go through childbirth again despite the shed load of painkillers they gave him it was still the most painful and exhausting thing he had ever done.

He was overjoyed to hold his little daughter in his arms for the first time and even though he loved and cherished his little bundle of joy he could not wait to become a man again that was almost 6 months ago and his wife still had not turned him back.

He was sick and tired of the leaking breasts the sore and cracked nipples the nappy changing and the late night feedings that his wife was no help with.

She saw how much hard work it was and how much of a mess her body was in and she just did not want to deal with that at the moment so she decided to leave her husband in her body until the baby was potty trained and weaned and her husband had got her body back into some sort of shape which put a lot of stress on their marriage as Jack was not a happy bunny.


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