This is not good

Rachel was a scientist and a single mother of a teenage boy. During one of her experiments with brain waves something unexpected happened and Rachel swapped bodies with her son Mike. Both were shocked finding themselves in each others body but they had no choice and go along with it until Rachel will be able to fix the problem. Sure she was worried about her son, being in his mother’s body must be very disturbing for the kid especially seeing her body naked in the shower. Mike coped very well with the swap, maybe even too well and Rachel started to suspect something. He acted very natural in her body and while he was around her friend, Glen it seemed like there is something going on between them. It wasn’t until Rachel checked the camera hidden in her lab. She just sat there stunned, mouth agape, when she discovered what her son was doing in her body. She just couldn’t belive it, watching as her son is having sex with Glen for quite some time, all over her lab. The video was mute but judging by the expresion on his face Mike was moaning loudly in pleasure. That was it. Rachel decided she have to find a way to swap back as soon as possible. But where to start? She dosen’t even know what exactly caused their bodies to swap.


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