They Lied

We were always told to run away if we ever saw anyone affected with the TG virus and report them to the authorities as soon as possible. We were told about those poor people who had caught the virus and became mindless sex crazed women who are in a constant state of arousal. We were told how the victims of the virus are grateful for the help they receive and how glad they are for not being slaves to their lusts after treatments. We were told that these poor people are a threat and need to be contained for their and our own safety. We told to beware of the TG virus.

Last night I made the mistake of fucking two of the infected and my body began to shift from an average man in his thirties to a horny girl in her twenties. By sunrise my dick was gone while my tits continued to blossom but the need for sex was different but too strong to stop our lovemaking. They showed me the pleasures of my pussy and continued threesome well into the next morning.

We were the TG virus was bad. We were told it should be feared. We were told the infected are miserable after being turned into female nymphomaniacs. I can tell you from personal experience and a first hand account, they lied. I love my new life and I never want to go back. Would you rather spend the rest of your life the way you are now or do you want to spend the rest of your life young, hot, and having sex all the time? Don’t you want to spend the rest of your life like this instead?


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