The worst part

“Mmmhhh, damn girl. You were awesome.” Terry said reaching into his wallet as the girl still sat there covered in cum and smiling. “I’ll leave you a little something extra.” Terry said and pulled out some cash.

The girl blinked a few times and the smile vanished from her face. She looked confused for a second and blinked a few more times and looked up at him.

“Oh. Thank you.” She said quietly.

Terry shrugged and left.

Roger looked down at his tits and smiled. He grabbed them and gave them a good squeeze and moaned. Sure, they, along with his face were covered in cum. He slipped one hand down between his legs and started rubbing furiously. He didn’t have much time. That was the worst part of the whole deal.

Cheating on Wendy had been a mistake in more ways than one.

First, Wendy was hot and an animal in the sack. A guy had to be stupid to cheat on a girl like that. Well Roger guessed he was stupid.

Second, it turned out Wendy was a witch. To punish Roger she made it so that anytime a girl who wasn’t his girlfriend gave him a boner, he’d turn into Rhonda. Rhonda was a whore. Rhonda would have no memory of being Roger, and would stay that way until someone paid her for sex. Then she would transform back into Roger with full memory of everything she’d done.

Third, since Roger didn’t have a girlfriend after Wendy dumped him, this meant he ended up spending a lot of time as Rhonda.

Fourth, because he’d remember everything afterwards, he knew just how much Rhonda enjoyed sex. Way more than Roger actually. Roger started thinking it was almost a waste that Rhonda didn’t know how good she had it. He had a short span where his mind returned before his body changed back. At first he’d tried to use that time to clean himself up, but over time he decided it was better to get a crack at playing with those boobs and pussy, to enjoy them while he had the mind to REALLY enjoy them.

He rubbed and felt his boobs get smaller and smaller. He was so sticky from the john’s cum. He rubbed at his rapidly enlarging clit as he plunged his fingers less and less far into his pussy. He was so close…

Too slow. He felt his balls pop out and he groaned in a voice still slightly higher pitched than his own. His micropenis fired a thin stream of cum up onto the stretched out dress he was wearing. He let out a sigh. Sure it felt good, but it was nothing compared to the orgasms Rhonda had.

He felt the john’s dried cum on his masculine chest, matting his hair there. He felt it on his face in his stubble. He tasted it in his mouth. He got up and headed into the bathroom, eager to get clean again.

Maybe once his dick got back to full size he’d try playing with it again. It was the weekend after all, he could afford to spend some time as Rhonda. Or maybe he’d finally give Wendy a call and ask her to let him keep his memory when he was Rhonda, maybe even let him be Rhonda full time…

He wondered how she’d react to learning her ex-boyfriend really was a whore. She’d always had a twisted sense of humor, she had dreamed up this punishment after all. She’d probably be open to the idea.


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