The wish

A friend of mine won the lottery two days ago. When he came to my home I expected him to give me a part of his small fortune, instead he brought something completely different . “I come to give you something better than money” he said while showing me a small statue of a Tanooki. “It will grant you one wish, then you have to pass it on to another person”.

“Are you high?” I asked him. “How do you think I won the lottery? And I went for something simple, something that didn’t alter reality or shit” he said. “Ok… lets say I believe you… how does it work?” I asked. “It’s simple, hold the tanooki on your right hand, and say the wish outloud. You will feel a little out of balance, and that’s it, your wish would have been granted”.

“That simple?… ok” I started to think on different options: money? nah, my family was rich already. women? nope, I am happy with my girlfriend. new experiences? no… At my young age, I have tried lots of things, everything a man could think of. Oh… but maybe… “I wish I could experience something new and different. Something no man had done before.”

I felt a little off, “my balance” I said, must be working. Then, I felt like a fell 20 stories. “shit, is this what a little out of balance?” I said out loud. I was holding a beer and lying on a table. “this is not new” I said outloud. “did you say something babe?” I heard a man say. I looked around and I was at a different place. A couple of men I didn’t know were smoking. I felt hair touching my arm. It was my own hair. I was in a woman’s body. I remembered the two guys names. I then felt really turned on. I guess I don’t need to explain, but a few minutes later I was having sex with both of them.

Of course I knew what went wrong with my wish. But I am not complaining. This is the life and I am enjoying it very much. This sure is something no man will ever experience.


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