In retrospect, competing over Annalise had been a dumb idea. She was one of the richest girls in the county, and totally self centered, as she’d proven time and time again. But Giovanni and I were stupid, and more than a little horny. We both wanted her.

Of course, she’d turned it into a huge competition. Things just kept escalating. It got to the point where we were having fist fights on a daily basis. Annalise ate it up, but everyone else was less than amused.

Annalise’s brother, who was the captain of the football team Ryan was on, started putting pressure on her to choose. And of course, she couldn’t.

So her father choose for her. He called us over to their mansion. Annalise pulled us both into her room. Then she snapped her fingers and muttered something in Latin—something, I later found out, her father had her memorize.

She revealed, as she played with “Hailey” on her left and “Giovanna” on her right, that she couldn’t choose between us so she’d chosen to have both of us in her life–as her besties. We’d be part of the cheerleading squad, and she already had guys lined up for us to date.

Of course, at this point we realized we’d gotten suckered. But it was too late to escape Annalise.


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