The Visit (3)

Dad- “Okay, Mandy, me and mom are coming home early, but for now, I want you to get Tammy and Toni and wait outside. I called you uncle Mack to come pick you three up. I don’t want any of you in the same house as that crazy witch grandmother of yours until me and your mother and I talk her into changing you back.”

Mandy- “Daddy, no! I told you we’re fine! We’re shopping right now, and we finally found something that fits Toni! I’ll send you a pic…”

Dad- “Oh… my… GOD! THAT’S Tony?! @#*^!!!”

Mandy- “Look how happy she is, daddy! Can’t you just except that you have daughters now?”

Dad- “‘Daughters’?! She’s turned you into FREAKS! She’s probably got you three hopped up on some magical herbs or some shit. You’re not thinking straight!”

Mandy- “OMG, you are so mean! I hate you!” >:(

Dad- “Now listen, Randy, don’t you go saying stuff like that.”

Mandy- “Randy is gone.”


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