The vial

My roommate was a slob. He just played computer games and watched porn 24×7. He ate chips and snacks, leaving traces of his greasy hands everywhere. I was tired of him. If it was up to me, I would have thrown him out months ago, but it was his appartment, and the truth was, it was a great appartment, and it was perfectly located close to work.

I didn’t know what to do, or how to make him act as a better roommate. One day I was at the mall, when I noticed a new small shop. It had a funny name, which I don’t actually remember. I decided to enter, and inside the store, there were all kinds of old crap. Lamps, books, furniture, you name it. At the counter an old man with a long beard was looking at me. “Looking for something?” he asked, “Not really” I said. “I am sure I have something for you” he said while taking a smal vial out of cabinet. “If you have trouble with a friend, this could help you”. It was like he knew I hated my roommate, “how do you…? nevermind, I am not going to potion my roommate” I said. “This is no potion, but I promise you, that if you make your friend drink this, he will become a better person”. “Fine, how much?” I asked. “24 usd” the old man said. I looked inside my wallet, and that was exactly how much I had. I hesitated for a little, “and if it doesn’t work?” I asked him, “I will give you your money back” he said. I gave him the money, and he gave me the vial in a paper bag.

As I walked out of the mall, I realized I had no money left. I couldn’t take the subway, not even pay for a cab, so I walked home. As I entered my appartment, I saw my roommate on the computer, still playing videogames. I walked to the kitchen and openned a couple of cold ones, I poured the vial into his beer. I handed him the beer, and we both drank from our respective drinks.

Exactly when he finished his beer, he turned his computer off, “wow, I feel tired, I’m going to take a short nap” he said while walking towards his room. But he didn’t even make it to his room, he just fell on the living room couch. “Oh shit! I killed my roommate” I said outloud. I checked his pulse, and he was fine. I watched some tv, until it was late night. I then went to my room and slept. My roommate was still asleep and snoring in the living room.

In the morning, I could still hear my roommate, but for some reason, his snoring sounded more like moaning. I went back to the living room, and was surprised to find a petite naked girl fingering herself. She was moaning like crazy, I could see her hand wet from all her cum. I looked around and she was all alone. She then looked at me and smiled. “Have you seen …” I was asking, when she interrupted me “… come here, make love to me… I feel so hot… SO HOT…” I tried to resist, but the girl was all over me. She took my pants off, gave me a blow job. We had sex for hours.

After she had finally calmed down. I noticed my roommate’s laptop was gone, and it was replaced by a pink tablet. I then walked to his room, and it didn’t have posters of naked chicks anymore. It was all girly, full of girly stuff. That’s when I finally realized that the girl I just had sex with used to be my roommate. And not only that, she was my girlfriend. My nympho girlfriend. “24 bucks was a really small price to pay for this upgrade” I said outloud.

Life was good, and it was about to get even better.


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