The things you learn at school.

Matthews parents sent him off to an all girls boarding school after the great shift left him in a teenage girl’s body as he was always getting into trouble.

He did not think he would enjoy being at an all girls boarding school especially seeing he was just learning with the help of some of his unshifted male friends the delights of his new gender.

But he quickly discovered other pleasures to take their place as he found out to his delight the girls at this school had their own way of satisfying their bodies needs wants and desires.

He could not believe he had to become a woman and to be sent off to an all girls boarding school to experience his first proper sexual encounter with a young woman.

He also could not believe some of the things these girls got up to as he joined in his first lesbian orgy which blew his mind & made him understand for the first time why women said they did not need men.


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