Swimming sensations

“Hey Diane! Thanks for letting me do this!”, Carl said as he heaved himself out of the water.

Diane gave him a glance over her glasses. “Sure. You asked nicely after all”, and smiled.
“How does it feel?”

“When I swim? Strange…”
Diana gave him a curious look.
“Uhm, I mean, I feel more exposed all of sudden, at the same time I`m more covered in more fabric than usual. I have to use more strength to propel myself forward because I´ve got a couple of protrusions that mess things up, if you catch my drift”.

“Oh, I know that all too well”.

“All in all it actually feels nice. The water flows around my body in an entire new way and I like it. I miss my strength though…”

“Yeah! It´s awesome being strong! Tried lifting tables and chairs earlier. They were super light!”

“Soooo….”, Carl said, “when must we switch back?”

Diana gave him a sly smile. “Tomorrow in the morning, but first I want you and me try out something different this evening”, and gave Carl a wink.


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