The TG Virus Hits The Farm

“Come on Son it’s time to work.” Stu called out.

“Aw Jeez Pa.” His Son Billy groaned “Can’t you put something else on?”

“Sorry can’t.”

Billy lived on a farm with his parents, everything used to be normal they were just average farm folk, then his Dad caught the TG Virus and turned from a seasoned farmer to a busty farm girl. His Father’s new look was giving Billy fits and making it hard to work.

“Would ya quit staring at my udders?” Stu said “I mean I know they’re big and all…”

“Sorry.” Billy blushed feeling his erection grow in his pants.

“Well you can’t work with that.” his father groaned “Hurry up and take care of it…actually.”

“PA?!” Billy gasped as his father got on his knees and started pulling his son’s shorts.

“Wow…” Stu saw his son’s penis “Seems if I’m the cow in the family you must be the horse.”


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