Picking Up His Son’s Phone (Part 3)

John go ready to check out Preset 3 on his son’s Total Swap App, so far he had been a busty black woman and a toned trainer with big breasts. When ready John hit the button and heard a click before the camera flashed. This time John recognized the face looking back at him, it was Nancy, the Asian MILF from the development he and his family lived in.

Nancy had something in common with the other presets, she had big breasts. John new Nancy was attractive, every man in the neighbor hood new it, but now that he looked just like her he felt how attractive she really was.

John had to wonder how did his son get a picture of Nancy to upload to this app, was he peeping on her or something. John skimmed through the phone and discovered something shocking. There were texts between him and Nancy with nude pictures, one of them was even featuring the outfit he was in right now., one even said she was lonely and she wanted him to come over and “Make her feel good.”

Suddenly realizing this woman was having an affair with his son John opted to move onto Preset 4


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