The Power of the Mind

Using the power of his mind, Jerry, concentrated on making himself a pretty blonde girl. He thought he could do anything if he put his mind to it, and soon it might be HER mind not HIS mind! Too his surprise, he actually morphed his body female, as least in part, his navy blue underwear, now sheer navy pantyhose even! His sandals became blue strappy heeled sandals as well. The only remnant was a bit of male muscle tone still, smallish boobs, and his cock and balls. He thought if he would just concentrate a bit more those would change as well.

Sure enough by the time he was done, he had huge boobs, and a very sensitive new pussy, and his hair grew to his new bubble butt! As he looked in the mirror, he realized he was no long a “he”! He could have concentrated on his other clothes, so he would have something feminine to wear besides just pantyhose and strappy heels, but he was too enthralled to do so, and just swiped a long floral dress from his mom’s closet. He still forgot to get a bra, and now maybe he should use his mental power to make himself less forgetful.

As his boobs bounced around under the dress, he realized he didn’t have a bra on, and had to stop to get one. Shopping had never been so much fun, as he intentionally bent over to check a bra, while shaking his ass a bit, allowing his store worker friends who didn’t recognize him take notice.

As he realized they were ogling him, he asked if he could use the ladies changing room to try on a bra. Hank agreed, and showed Jerry the way. Before closing the door, Jerry pulled Hank in, not an easy feet with her tiny arms and hands, but he did so with lust. He had new female desires with the changes he made, and that was why he was showing off earlier, to reel in a man!

From the dressing room, was Jerry’s new voice, “I won’t be needing this bra just yet!”


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