The plan

Sam and I made a strange deal. She was having some trouble flirting with a guy, so she said “It would be great if you could just be me for a week or so, so that you could chat with him and make things easier”.
I was no expert, but I was a guy, so it would be easy for me to understand the way he acted. I replied “Yeah, I could definitely do that!”. We then went on with our conversation, joking about what we would do if we were each other.
Of course, we both agreed that we’d try to discover what it’s like “on the other side”.

I didn’t know that it would really happen… The next morning I woke up in her body. It felt strange. She slept naked, and the feeling of the bedsheets against “my” soft skin felt really odd.
Realising we couldn’t do much about it, we went on with our little plan. We had a day or two to just chill and discover our new bodies (while sending snaps to each other, relating our experience); and then I would try my best to get her a date with that guy.

Hopefully I’ll go back to my body after a week…


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