The one on top

Johnny had been frustrated with his lowly dead-end job at the Nutex Cosmetics Corporation for a long time before a wishing stone had come into his life, courtesy of a distant aunt who’d just passed away. Johnny actually had a lot of good ideas that could take this company to new heights, but the management had dismissed his ideas simply because he was a man, and what could a man possibly know about feminine cosmetics?

Johnny held the wishing stone and said confidently: “I wish to be the company CEO, the one on top.” The stone glowed and vanished, Johnny’s world spun, and instantly he was shocked to find himself in an empty stockroom wearing a revealing black dress that revealed his…tits?! Teetering on his high heels, Johnny gasped: “Oh my god!” as he realized the magic stone had placed him in the body of Wanda Hunter, the company’s sexy Chief *Entertainment* Officer (CEO), not the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as he’d desired! He ought to have worded his wish more carefully.

Just then the company CEO, Mr. Peters, entered the stockroom. “Wanda, honey, I’ve been waiting for this all day,” said Mr. Peters, who was obviously desperate and horny. “Ever since that ugly divorce and civil suit from my ex-wife, I’ve been shaken up and questioning my own ability to run this company. If not for you, Wanda darling, I don’t know what I’d do,” Mr. Peters said, burying his face in Johnny’s generous cleavage. Suddenly, Johnny realized the power that he now commanded: he literally had the company CEO wrapped around his finger. Johnny took a deep breath and took the plunge into his new life.

“Now now, don’t you worry,” Johnny cooed, guiding Mr. Peters onto the floor and unzipping his suit pants, “First, let’s take care of ‘little peter,’ and then you can leave the running of the company to me, okay?” “Oh, yes,” Mr. Peters moaned in assent as Johnny began to lick, suck, and ride his cock like a cowgirl riding a stallion. Johnny began to giggle as he realized that he was now really was “the one on top,” as he’d wished.


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