Italian Lessons

I was pretty excited about going to Rome. I even took some Italian lessons and could speak the language pretty well.

I got there late in the afternoon. I was pretty jet lagged so I should have found a place to lie down. Instead I walked around some beautiful plazas. I struck up a conservation with a nice guy Allesandro who didn’t speak English. I told him in my best Italian that I wanted to meet a woman.

He got a confused look on his face and repeated it a couple of times. I couldn’t figure out why he thought the request was so strange. Anyway, he took me to a huge open air market and started whispering to an old lady who after some haggling gave him a cloudy liquid.

He gave it to me proudly. I though it was some kind of special tea or something but I didn’t want him to feel bad since he worked so hard to secure it. So I drank it down.

It turned out my language skills were not as good as I thought. Rather than telling him I wanted to meet a woman, it turned out that I told him pretty insistently that I wanted to BE a woman.

Not only did Allesandro help me change into a sexy brunette, he took me to his villa high above the city so I could lie down after my jet lag and then, being a gracious host, he decided to lie down with me, and then he decided to show me some Italian customs. Allesandro said his italian girlfriends love to get it doggy style and that I would love it too, which turned out to be correct. Since my name had been Gene, he named me Gina. He said he would teach me to cry out in pleasure like an Italian woman. He said that he would teach me to beg for it in Italian. And I learned that quickly.


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