The new curse

I hate this curse. I know, I shouldn’t have made fun of a witch. But anyways, that’s not important anymore. The curse implies that most of the time I am me, the usual male me. But when a man, any man who is less than 30 feet away from me, wants to have sex, I transform into a horny hot bimbo.

The first time it I transformed, I was walking by a construction site when it happened, and as you can guess I slept like with 10 different guys. When I finally left, and I was more than 30 feet away from them, I went back to my male self. As expected I was disgusted with myself. I couldn’t believe what I had just done. And to think I enjoyed it. What I hate the most is that when I am a woman, I tend to hate the old me. I tell myself I don’t want to go back. Thank god everytime I do go back.

I tried hiding in my appartment. I would only go out to work, and immidiately come back home. But that was no good, I had to quit my job after my boss divorced his wife., he wanted a woman, any woman to fck… and guess who was that woman?… After my first transformation, I moved to a different town.

I had been episode free for a year, until a new guy moved downstairs. He watches porn every single day, so everytime he comes home I transform into his dream girl. “Oh shit, he just arrived home, I am starting to change… I can feel my breasts expanding. I just feel the need to move my body in a sexy manner. Oh… shit, I want him insde of me. I have to go downstairs and show him a good time. I need him inside me NOW. And maybe I should stay always close to him. That way I don’t have to go back to my boring male self.”


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