A Werewoman’s First Meal

The transformation is an equal mix of pain and pleasure, but I have come to relish it. My cock hardens at the sight of the full moon, and freeing it from any clothing I have on is always my first response. I sometimes leave my shirt on because I love the feeling of my new tits bursting apart the buttons, but usually it’s more sensible to strip completely.

My bones and internal organs seem to change first. I can feel the cracking in hands, hear it in my face as my skull reshapes. The first time it happened, after my infection, it was nightmarishly confusing. Now I know how gorgeously slutty my face becomes, I welcome it. My heart beats really fast and I can feel it squeezing as it shrinks – that just makes my dick harder still. As my waist, arms and legs thin, my balls tighten, ready to deliver every drop of semen they have. I don’t even need to touch myself now.

Sometimes I cum when my ass starts to plump up and breasts start to emerge. Mostly I can hold on until they are finished growing, my boobs huge and unnaturally round. Once I even lasted until I felt my scrotum split agonisingly to reveal my new pussy. But every time I change, I begin the night by licking the cum from my boring male body off my sexy new tits and face.


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