The limo

“Sir, this is a private limo” the driver said. But I had just closed a big business deal, and I wanted to party, and I wanted to start with a limo ride. I took a thousand dollars out of my pocket and told the driver “something tells me that is not important anymore”. “But sir, you don’t understand” the driver insisted, I got an extra five thousand out of my pocket, “here, just drive me around town”. “Fine” he said, “just tell me when you want to get out”. I didn’t give much thought at the white lingerie lying on one of the seats.

The driver kept driving, I took a tequila shot. It tasted kind of weird, but I didn’t care. After a few more shots, I felt light headed. I wanted to throw up, but couldn’t. I fell to the floor, and started shaking, what happened next is something I didn’t expect. I felt out of place, my body didn’t match my mind, and my skin, felt like a piece of clothing that didn’t belong to me. I got undressed, and started peeling my skin. As I released my body of that foreign skin, I started to feel free. I ripped the last piece of my skin, feeling my smooth skin, my sexy body, and got a little turned on. After getting dressed, I told the driver “take me anywhere I can meet men. Preferable hot hunks”; “yes ma’am” he said, “anywhere you want”.


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