The Gifted: Victor Whales

An event happened the previous night, a strange red lightning storm struck six random people last night with bolts of said red lightning. They appeared to be fine…until they learned what it gave them.

Vic made his way into his high school where he came across the local jock Matt whom he despised for many years. When the said jock attempted to bully him, Vic grabbed his arm and this caused him to activate his gift from the lightning. Matt’s arm slowly got shorter as it was melted and absorbed by Vic; Vic’s eyes were glowing red during this entire event. Almost enjoying the feeling of absorbing Matt, Vic pulled Matt behind a dumpster then bear hugged him making the process of absorbing much quicker. Matt was killed by Vic and Vic himself began to change physically: his somewhat normal body became that of a jock’s but nothing else changed. Somewhat scared about what he just did, Vic continued on trying to remain calm but he came across a teacher who always treated him like garbage…along with the rest of the faculty who don’t really care about the education of the students. When Ms. Fines began scolding him for being late, Vic’s rage got the better of him and so when all students left the hall, he tackled her into the janitor’s closet and pinned her against the wall. Vic’s new ability kicked in causing his eyes to turn red and Ms. Fine’s body begins to quickly become absorbed. Once Vic finished, he turned on the light and looked into the mirror; he gazed at his chest which grew into D sized breasts making his eyes go wide. However the surprise continued when the all the knowledge of Ms. Fine’s mind added to his including her memories. Vic learned that the faculty were actually running a scheme to make money off the students and this angered him completely. Vic looked down and noticed that the breasts were the only physical change and so he deduced: his powers let him absorb victims but only obtain the intelligence and one physical attribute. This interesting him so he smirked, coming up with an idea.

One by one the faculty disappeared throughout the day. Luckily the staff was 90% female so Vic continued to transform more and more into a female. The rest were male and he managed to only absorb their minds to keep his new body which he was beginning to like.

After lunch, the now vastly intelligent Vic was now completely female thanks to the absorbing of three cheerleaders who were black mailing the principal into giving them good grades. Vic entered a class wearing a brown top and black jacket which showed off his huge cleavage, he had tanned skin, well toned muscular female body of a thirty year old, a cute face, long black hair, and a huge ass. The students gazed at him with wide eyes as Vic grinned,

“Hey there. I’m your new teacher: Victoria. I’m here to tell you about sexual education.” Vic grinned wanting to explore his new body in multiple ways.

This lead to Vic taking a smart, nice quarterback to the faculty lounge he began bouncing his tits at him

“Ya like that, boy?” And the two had an amazing hour of sex.

And thus, Ms. Victoria Love became the school’s only but favorite teacher.


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