The Earring part 1

Stephen hated his job. He had taken the odd job to pay for an engagement ring for his fiancé. The job required Stephen to wear a magic earring. The earring transformed Stephen into Stephanie the French maid. During the day Stephanie cleaned the old mansion and in the late afternoon when the master returned she got fucked silly. The part that bothered Stephen the most was that he felt the ring changing him in more permanent ways. He couldn’t get hard without thinking of cock. He couldn’t cum in his fiancé without imagining taking a big cock up his ass. It was troubling but Stephen tried to push it from his mind. He had snuck home today to surprise his fiancé and was lying naked in bed. He heard her unlock the door and start down the hall. It was as he heard her grab the door knob that he realized he was wearing stockings still. “Oh shit!!!” he thought as he realized he was still wearing the earring. Susan came in and panic set it.
“God I thought this day would never come.” Susan said with an evil grin…


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