spring break for wizards

It was spring break at the Merlin Institute of Advanced Magical Study, and I knew I needed to relax. While cramming for a midterm I’d come across a tome of tantric magic in the Library and stashed it away for a later date. I was pretty disappointed when I realized how much sexual energy was needed for most of the spells. If I was getting that much sex I wouldn’t need a book on Tantric Sex, now would I?

There was one spell which didn’t need any sexual energy though. It was listed as a “Primer” and promised “Non-stop gratification” and “easy access to sex”. Just what I was looking for

When it turned me into a horny girl who couldn’t take her hands off herself I was less than pleased. Now, four orgasms later, I’m starting to come around.

The spell to turn me back into a man requires a lot of sexual energy, which this body is eager to generate. I just need to masturbate 30 more times and I can use the reversal spell… Of course, there’s a spell to make my boobs bigger which only needs me to masturbate 5 times…

I’m kind of curious… and I’ve got all week, right?


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