The Day Colin became Alana

Colin did what many guys you would do in his new form, he put one hand to his new plumbing, and the other to his new breasts, his new mouth open in shock from the sudden changes. Colin had only one wish from the genie he found, and he wished to be more popular at the office. He hasn’t found it out yet, but the genie basically changed reality, where Colin was now Alana, the office slut sexretary. He was now very popular with the males at the office!

His first words as Alana came with surprise, hearing his sultry sexy new voice for the first time, “Oh, no what did that genie do? I’m a w…w… WOMAN! I feel so strange, and feel so horny too! Why am I thinking of the guy’s dicks at the office? What’s fucking wrong with me?! I… I think I’m into guys now too! OH MY, these boobs, this pussy, this body, oh my goodness!”

Then a his buddy Jed, his boss, entered, giving Alana a taste of her new life, “Alana, are you ready for your four o’clock fucking? I am, now bend over baby.”

The new Alana wanted to back away, but as she took one glance at her friends crotch, she wanted him, she couldn’t help herself. Meanwhile the mischievous genie laughed to himself before vanishing with his bottle.


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