The Crush

When the Great Shift happened, I nearly died.
I was driving, with my best friend and a girl I had a crush on. I landed in her body, in the back seat, while my friend ended up in my body.
The girl, now in my friend’s body was horrified and shouted loudly. My friend tried his best to keep the car in line, and I was too shocked to say or realise anything.

We shortly went back to our place and all went to sleep, hoping that this thing would solve itself.
This first night as a girl was really strange, I was dreaming about her life, not mine. I saw her family, her exes… My new body was feeling quite different as well. I didn’t want to sleep naked, so I had to wear one of her pyjamas. The fabric against my new soft skin felt so nice…
It felt like I was starting to get used to it.

When we learned that the Great Shift couldn’t be undone, we tried our best to continue living a normal life.
This was made easier by gaining some of our new body’s owner’s memories. I shortly started to think like a girl, and my friend, well… he understood why I had a crush on this girl.
And I couldn’t deny being curious…

Sure, I raged a little knowing that this guy had everything I used to have, my family, my money, my job, my knowledge… while I was just stuck as a stupid -but pretty- girl.
I made him even happier by letting him have me, the only thing I didn’t have before.


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