Couple’s therapy

Don and Kayla’s marriage was on the rocks. They’d been married for three years and things were just sort of starting to get dull. Then the fighting started. They felt like they were drifting apart. They were about to get separated when a friend suggested a radical new couple’s therapy.

The bodyswap was painless. Put on a tinfoil looking hat, throw a switch, and bam! Don was Kayla and Kayla was Don. The counselor told them to try and keep the swap a secret so they could each really learn what it was like to be the other person. He told them most couples stayed swapped for three months, and more than 90% of those who tried the therapy for six months or more ended up staying married. Weird as it was for Kayla to be a man or Don to be a woman, they both agreed they’d try it until it worked.

The first thing that came back was actually their sex life. They each were turned on by being in bodies they previously thought were attractive, plus the whole idea of fucking your own body was weirdly arousing to both of them. They quickly learned what they’d each been doing right and what they’d each been doing wrong to please each other. They also learned that each of them enjoyed the other’s body in different ways. Kayla loved being strong and dominant in bed, while Don had always been more gentle as a man. Don learned he liked sucking his old cock off, something Kayla had always found repellant. Their new sex life was incredible, and they were fucking like they were teenagers. Everything seemed to turn them on.

The other parts came more slowly, but they didn’t mind. They felt like they were getting closer together, even through all the fucking. They were each learning more about themselves as well. One thing Don learned was that he really wanted to have a family. Kayla had always been kind of on the fence about having kids, but Don really wanted it now.

Neither Kayla nor Don had brought up the idea of changing back, but after 3 months they decided to tell everyone they did it. It was tough pretending to be someone else for that long. They had to avoid their friends and family to keep up the charade.

Once they were out in the open, they headed out for a night on the town with the same friends who had suggested the couple’s therapy. The booze was flowing and Kayla and Don were making out pretty hard in the back of the club. The bathroom was occupied, so they couldn’t screw there. Kayla led Don out to the back alley, pressed him against the wall, slipped down his panties and started fucking him from behind.

Don gasped and moaned. He’d gone off her birth control awhile ago and hadn’t told Kayla. As Don felt Kayla’s cock twitch and cum inside of her in that dirty alley way, she imagined him knocking her up and the very thought made her cum.

They’d later learn that Don had indeed gotten pregnant. Don was terrified, but also over joyed. They decided to make the swap permanent.


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