The Creature Part I

My sister Hayley and I got along fairly well for twins we are 18 years old and look exactly the same. We would rarely fight, we would share clothes and make up with each other and help each other out with our homework or at least it seemed that way to our parents. I was all actually just an act to make our parents believe that they could leave us alone at the house when they went on their annually month long trip to random European countries. Once when we were a bit younger they brought us with them after us begging them to take us each year instead of having us stay at our grandparents for the duration. After the first week we were bored out of our minds because all that they did was look at old buildings and castles the whole time and rant on and on about why they were so historical. After that we made an agreement to be on our best behavior around them the following year to make them believe that they could leave us alone the next time they went.

Well, here we are 11 months later and it worked. They called our grandparents and told and told them that Hayley and Amelia would be staying home themselves this year so we had the house to ourselves for a full month. The first day they left the yearlong tension finally was released and we immediately started fighting. Hayley had invited her friend Lexi over for 7pm fully knowing that Lexi and I hate each other. Whenever she comes over she always takes my steals my things when she comes over because Hayley won’t let her use hers and since we have almost exactly the same stuff she helps herself and then promptly forgets that it wasn’t hers and brings it home. After yelling at Hayley to go over to Lexi’s instead because I didn’t want to see that thief. After an hour of going back and forth over this subject she eventually went upstairs to her room to get ready. Furious I went to the basement to blow off some steam.

Our basement is huge, it has just a basic concert floor, some dry wall, and no roof so you can see the support beams. However it does, have stacks of boxes filled with all kinds of treasures form our parents and grandparents before them various trips so I normally go down there to rummage around to see if I can find anything interesting. Each box is labelled with a date to signify the trip year. I had gone through pretty much all of them over the last year due to our agreement but remembered I had ended on the 1960 box.

A few hours later I heard the doorbell ring and Hayley let the thief into our home. I immediately went back to the boxes. After finishing looking through the box labelled 1956 I went to push it out of the way and noticed something strange under the box. The concrete floor gave way to a small wooden trap door that was easily larger than me. The box was so big it had completely covered the door and the dust pattern showed that that box probably hadn’t been moved since it was placed there. The door looked extremely old and was nearly falling apart. I gave the small handle a tug but the door didn’t budge an inch. Next I yanked on id and the boarded that the handle was attached too ripped in half leaving me the handle and the other half in my hand. I quickly put the handle down and looked down into the hole. It was pitch black as I should have expected so I went to the tool bench in the basement and grabbed a flash light. I pointed the light into the crack and saw a brick jaggedly lining the walls and a large board about 10 feet down that was covered with dust. While my sister and her friend were upstairs I went to work ripping the rest of the boards of the trap door up. When the last was removed I looked down again and saw that there was a small hole in the wall at the bottom near the board where a brick had been removed so I put the flash light in my pocket and began climbing down the wall. Now I was wearing short shorts that went a few inches down my thigh, a comfortably fitting shirt and socks which is not the best climbing gear but I was excited and didn’t care to change, especially if it meant having the chance to see Lexi. When I got to the bottom I peered into the hole expecting to find something amazing but my adventure was awarded with nothing but some dirt behind the wall. I looked back up the hole and noticed that the wall had a slight angle too them which made the hole become wider as you went down. I was about to begin climbing when I looked at my feet where I had disturbed the thick layer of dust and noticed what looked like lines burned into the wood. I brushed the board clean and saw weird patterns and characters that had been burned into the board. I couldn’t understand it so I went to head back up to grab my phone so I could take pictures of it with my phone.
After I was barely 2 feet of the ground when the brick I went to grab came loose and I fell. As soon as I hit the board it broke and gave way to a massive pit. I fell for a second or two and landed into a decently sized pool at the bottom, right on my ass. After I brushed off the initial shock of the fall I began to look around but couldn’t see anything. I got my flash light out and it thankfully turned on. The bottom extended a good distance out a good distance and when I stood up the water was half way up to my thighs. After the board the bricks gave way to smooth stone walls and the floor seemed to be made of the same material. The water hard to see through but I assumed once it settled from my fall it would be very clear. I walked over to the wall to get a closer look and notices what look live scratches all over it that reached right up to the board. I did a quick look around and noticed they were everywhere. To be honest this frightened me a lot so I decided it was time to call for help as there was no way I could climb the walls myself.
I was half way through calling Hayley’s name when I felt something against my leg under the water. It was slimy so I tried to jump away but I was firmly held in place by whatever it was. Suddenly it pulled my leg with astonishing force and I fell back into the water. It let me go and I managed to get back up and at this point I was terrified. I looked down and in the beam of my flashlight under the water was a long smooth creature on the other side of the pool. Two tentacles extended out of the sides of the creature and slowly made their way to me. As they got closer I tried to kick them away but to no avail, they just kept coming. After I was backed up against the wall they each wrapped around a leg and I was pulled under again. This time it didn’t allow me to stand back up. I managed to get my face above the water but I was getting pulled towards it. I struggled but only managed to make it pull me faster. As I reached it the creature stopped for a moment before moving what I assumed were its arms farther up leg to my thigh. I then without moving my shorts or panties began to push against the outside of my sorts between my legs. It kept pushing harder and harder which ended up pushing my cloths farther and farther up my vagina. It was extremely painful as it did this but thankfully my shorts were old and worn out so they quickly ripped to make way for the creature which once that was out of the way easily tore a hole through my frilly panties. The body of the creature was easily 5 inches wide when I saw it but collapsed to a fraction of that as it penetrated my virgin vagina and ripped my hymen with ease. It felt strangely good at first since the creature was so slimy but as it kept forcing its way into me it really started to hurt. The creature was longer than me and I could only guess it was going to force its entire body inside of me. As it kept going I started to scream in pain as my stomach was forced out and the creature began to coil itself inside my womb. Just as I felt like my stomach was about to burst the creature stopped for a moment. I managed to sit on my ass with what looked like half of the creature sticking out of me. My stomach had just broken the water’s surface when I felt an extremely painful release of pressure. The creature had just ripped a hole in my womb and was spreading out to the rest of my body. I blacked out after that.

When I awoke I was freely drifting in the clear pool. There was no pain from when buried inside of me. My shorts were torn and what looked like its arms were just visible sticking out of my vaginas entrance. I went to touch them but as I did they shot out at lightning speed and pulled my hand deep into me. Even thought my arm was almost up to my elbow inside of me it didn’t hurt and instead my legs trembled and I had a huge orgasm at the feeling of it forcibly entering. After the orgasm subsided I felt the creature sucking on my hand. It had no teeth so it felt really nice but once it realized it was me the tentacles released me. I felt around inside myself and noticed that my vagina seemed empty but I assumed that the creature only had its head in my womb and the rest was spread out around my body. I pulled my hand out and noticed that its arms went back into position at my entrance. I was a little freaked out by it but decided to ignore it for now. I stood up and looked up at the still broken board and wondered how long I had been out for. My sister must have started to worry by now. I still had to figure out how to get out of this hole though. I thought for a few second when I noticed the tentacles had started to come out of vagina and shoot straight up to the entrance of the hole above the board, grab on and pull me up to it. I grabbed the surface glad to be out of that hole.
I looked around and it didn’t seem like anything had been moved since I fell in. I looked out the small window near the roof of the basement and saw it was dark out. I picked up my phone from the ground and saw that it was just past midnight so I dad bee down there for 5 hours. I went upstairs and called for my sister but no one answered so I guessed that she had gone out with Lexi. I was really tired after that whole ordeal and decided to go right to bed. When I got to my room I stripped off my wet clothes and notices that the arms were still at my entrance. I went to try and touch them again and this time I was able to, the arms were smooth and slimy and soft to touch even thought I knew how strong they really were. I went to the bathroom and dried myself off with a towel before getting into my pajamas. As soon as I got under the covers my sister slammed the front door which immediately woke me up again. I heard her thump up the stairs and slam her door.

The next morning I woke to my sister and Lexi at my door yelling at me to get up. Lexi must have stayed the night and slept in my parent’s room on the main floor. They were both yelling at me still on their sleeping out fits. When I finally was awake enough to understand them I realized they were asking me if I was going out today. I replied no and my sister said goo because she and Lexi were going to go out later and needed the car. After that they left slamming my door closed. Since I was now awake I decided that I might as well get up and start my morning routine which begins with a shower. When I opened my door my sister was just letting Lexi out and I overheard that she was going home to clean up. I walked to the bathroom and closed the door to begin showering. I stripped and when I was pulling my pajamas off I noticed the creature and remembered the events of the previous night. I was standing in the bathroom naked looking at them through the mirror and went to touch them again but as my hand got close they pulled up inside me so I decided to leave it at that and turned on the water. After they disappeared I looked at my flat chest and butt. Both my sister and I had been cursed with the bodies of 12 year olds and it seemed that we would be like this forever as there was no sign of growth anywhere.

Our shower was huge and had two faucets because our parents liked to shower together so there was enough room for two adults to comfortable shower together. Just as I was stepping into the shower my sister opened the door and immediately stripped and got in with me. I gave her a look of disapproval which she ignored completely and closed the glass door of the shower behind her. She told me that she had to get ready quickly because she wanted to get to Lexi’s place as soon as possible. I decided to just try and ignore that she was there and continued showering. As I had my eyes closed when I was washing my hair my sister decided to pull a prank on me and grabbed the brush that we used to wash our backs and pushed the round plastic handle into my vagina. At soon as I felt the handle enter me my legs shook a bit and the whole brush was pulled inside of me as well as my sister’s hand holding the brush. I had to brace myself against the wall as the feeling of the whole bush being inside felt amazing and I screamed with pleasure. I guess after realizing the brush was not edible the creature pushed it back out. But its arms extended outside of me. The orgasm soon subsided and I turned to look at my sister. She had a look of pure shock and dropped the brush on the ground and just stared mouth agape at the tentacles protruding for my vagina. They then extended further and further until they had reached my sister and began feeling her body. My sister watched quietly as they explored her entire body. Then without warning they retreated back inside of me and its head shot out of my vagina and into hers. My legs quivered and I had another orgasm as it pulled part of its body out of me. We both fell back onto our butts. I felt the muscles in the creature begin to contract and my sister screamed in pain as a large mass which was about half the size of a soccer ball exited her body inside the creature and towards me. I then noticed that blood was slowly seeping out of her vagina and onto the bathroom floor. Shortly after another left and she began screaming at the top of her lungs. She looked down and grabbed the creature and tried to pull it out but it didn’t even budge and instead another mass passed through her hands just as the first began to enter me. The feeling of the mass entering me was euphoric and I couldn’t stop myself from moaning. I looked at my sister with pure lust and noticed something odd. Her stomach and waist had completely deflated all I could see was the creature inside of her. I then realized that the masses were actually my sister’s organs, bones and muscles being pulled inside of me and as each left she got thinner and thinner. I was watching my sister be emptied and I both enjoyed it and didn’t even care that she was being killed in front of me. I just kept moaning and staring at her with a look of pure bliss as the masses of her were being pulled inside of me and with each that entered my stomach and torso inflated. I watched as the creature moved higher and higher up my sister until it reached the top of her head and all that was left of her was her arms and legs. It had even sucked out her eyes with her skull. At this point my stomach and torso had expanded to in human proportions. It then retracted and went down each arm and leg to drain it dry as well. When it had finished it pulled back out what was left of her vagina and all that was left of her was a mass of skin, hair and nails which it then slurped up in the largest mass yet. It was easily bigger that a basketball and I couldn’t wait for it to get to me. I watched it slowly move towards me and as it entered I had the biggest orgasm I had ever felt. My eyes went up in my sockets and I just sat there mouth wide open and every muscle tensed for a solid five minutes. While I was experiencing pure bliss the creature pulled its head back up inside of me and I passed out.

I awoke looking down and saw what remained of my sister inside of me. It had shrunken in size while I was passed out but was still size able but shrinking at a steady rate. I got up surprisingly easy for how big my stomach and torso were but guessed that the creature must have been helping me. After witnessing what had happened to my sister I thought about what had happened to me and wondered why I was still alive and didn’t feel any different than I did the days prior. I wanted to really explore my body fter I had gone back down to my normal size. As I was waiting I had a long time to think about this creature. It must feed on people to survive and had not killed me in order to use as a way of getting around easily and unnoticed so that it could get closer to its food source without alarming them to its presence. After an hour my body had gone back to its adolescent state. I was a little sad because when it was still digesting my tits had expanded to F cups at minimum and my ass was the embodiment of perfect but coupled with my over sized body they didn’t look as good as they should have. However now they were both back to being as flat as a pancake again. I decided to feel my body and see what exactly was going on with me. I reached down to my thigh and gave it a light squeeze and felt no resistance. I wrapped my hands completely and squeezed harder and was shocked when I felt nothing but my skin. I did this all over my legs and arms and was met with the same results. The creature was filling out my body with its body and there was nothing but it and skin in my libs. I pushed my hand into my stomach and felt nothing but a bit of resistance as my hand pushed out my back. I was terrified at this point and touched my head and thankfully I could feel my skull. I guess it needed a living host to survive but must have devoured all the parts that I didn’t need any more such as my organs and muscles and only left what parts it couldn’t replace such as my head and mind.


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